Durban Ski-Boat Club is one of the largest Ski Boat Clubs in the country and hosts the biggest Off Shore Fishing Competition in the world every April. Although primarily a fishing club, it is also a great place for families to spend the weekend.  We have an awesome, large grass patch which leads onto the beach.  This beach is ideal for families, especially those with small children, as there are no strong currents or pounding surf to deal with while having a swim in the warm Indian Ocean, protected by Vetch’s Pier.

What’s on at Durban Ski Boat Club?

Wednesday night

You’ve made it half way through the week so come down to the club to celebrate for our happy hour from 5pm to 6pm. All drinks are half price for this time and the kitchen is open so you don’t have to head home for dinner.

Friday night

Friday is family night at the DSBC. Bring your family down for an early dinner! A reminder of our Friday specials: Pizzas available from Toto’s Pizzeria downstairs near the trampoline (available Saturday and Sunday aswell!), Eisbein, Prawn Curry and Quesadillas…. not to mention starting your weekend with our Happy Hour from 5 to 6 pm!

Saturday and Sunday

Weekends are made for the beach!
Saturdays are for sport on one of our many big screen tellys and relaxing with a drink and a meal in the sun and enjoying the view.
Sundays are the big day for club members and families. Live music is on offer from one of several of Durban’s fine singers or bands. The kitchen gets super busy on good weather Sundays, so order early, sit back and have a few extra drinks while you wait. Charcoal and firelighters are available for free for our members if you want to have your own braai.

Dear Members

We would like to bring you up to date regarding issues that have taken place at DSBC over the last week or so. If you were at the meeting on the 3/8/2017 you would have been brought up to speed. However we appreciate that many members (the majority) could not attend, hence this communication.

This communication is also needed to bring into balance a lot of comment being made in social media.

1. At a meeting of members on the 17th July 2017 it was agreed that a working committee be established to deal with 38 questions that required answers.
2. This working committee met on Monday the 24th July 2017 and worked late to 10.30pm to reach consensus on the issues and reporting back to members.
3. An initial report back was sent out on the 26th July 2017 and this is attached for ease of reference.
4. It was agreed that some of the questions needed further investigation.
5. Whilst the DSBC committee and the working committee were head down at the meeting on the 24th July 2017, working very constructively through the process agreed, we were advised that the head of that committee had work commitments and could not attend. In reality, he was working with his legal team on bringing an interdict against the Commodore and the Durban Ski Boat Club. This interdict was finally served on the club at 4h25 pm, after office hours, on Wednesday the 26th July 2017.
6. This interdict was brought about by 11 members, ostensibly to prevent a meeting scheduled for Thursday the 27th July 2017, but which it had already been agreed would be postponed, at the meeting of the 24th July 2017 (where all other members from the working committee were present). That meeting had been re-scheduled for the 3rd August 2017 and the parties launching the interdict persisted to then prevent the meeting of the 3rd August 2017 from proceeding. These members are: Gareth Davies, Tony Ferreira, Freddie Beukmann, Darryl Aliphon, Roger Laxson, Jake Roome, Greg Fuller, William Venter, Mark Haddow, Deon Erasmus and John Batten Dunwoody.
7. The interdict was brought against the Commodore, (first respondent) and the Durban Ski Boat Club (second respondent).
8. In his judgment the judge stated that there were 4 basic requirements to be satisfied for the granting of an interdict and ruled that the applicants had failed to satisfy even one. As far as costs were concerned he ruled that due to the nature in which the interdict had been launched, that the applicants, that is Gareth Davies and the other 10 members listed above, would be liable for their legal costs as well as the legal costs incurred by the Durban Ski Boat Club and that these 11 members would be jointly and severally liable for such costs.
9. Regarding “our” costs these total around R176000, and that is for two days only! The taxed bills are drawn and will be presented shortly to commence recovery of this amount from Davies and the other 10 members listed above.
10. On another point in the affidavits, Davies stated he needed a week to develop his report back----well more than three weeks have now gone by without any feedback. I have been advised that at least one member of the working committee has given a written report back to the working committee regarding that area in respect of which he had contributed, but note that the working committee have not seen fit to share this with the members.
11. The meeting went ahead on the evening of the 3/8/2017, and after some lively debate the members present including proxies submitted, voted by a small margin, to mandate the commodore and vice commodore to sign the temporary and main lease.
12. The club's representatives on the PWC have gone a long way to advising members as to the steps they have taken to protect members' interests including the independence of the Durban Ski Boat Club within the PWC. Insofar as the MOI that keeps being bandied about in social media is concerned, the club's representatives discarded, without consideration, the first revised MOI which sought to incorporate all the members of the various clubs as members of a single club PWC and a further MOI which is referred to as the further revised MOI in the answer to the 38 questions distributed on the 26th July 2017 came into consideration. This specifically deals with the issues regarding directors' remuneration and specifically excludes remuneration of directors as well as maintaining the independence of the various clubs within the umbrella structure of the PWC. Accordingly the clubs will maintain their brand, their constitutions and their independence within the PWC, both financially and as stand-alone clubs sharing a venue. PWC will handle logistical factors common to all clubs housed within the structure.
13. Regarding the temporary lease, attached is a drawing showing the position of the property. Once again social media are stating that we will not be able to launch our craft-----this is not true! We will access the beach by road on the south side of the pump house, and the DPDC will be building us an access ramp to the beach. All operations will be as normal with trailers parked on the beach etc. This has been communicated on more than one occasion to the members who attended the meetings and is included in the 38 answers that were circulated before the vote. It is simply mischievous for parties to continue to suggest that this will not be the case.
14. The developers are erecting at their costs a “prefab” club house that we will be adding to in order to meet our other requirements. We will only move into this once it is ready and functional. Construction on the site has already started. We will remain on this site for a maximum of two years, whilst the promenade is built from U Shaka moving south to the North Pier.
15. Once the main site is complete beneath the promenade we will move into this. As a reminder the developers are building us a shell that will have a 180 metre frontage on the beach, and parking for 142 cars. On the parking issue it will be on a first come first served basis, and once full there will be public parking nearby. All parking will be paid.
16. Regarding details of the final club house this still has to be agreed on but we will be taking into account a “baffle chamber” so engines can be warmed up without disturbing “residents”. Likewise we will be applying our minds to doing the same with our tractors. There will also be a wash bay that will be professionally manned.
17. Attached is a technical drawing showing our position on the beach. We are positioned where you see the red dotted lines and area is highlighted in red.
18. Do we lease or do we buy. Here is some objective commentary:
a. We all know the 2008 MOU agreement provided a purchase option, however the developer is not prepared to sell us this site. Commentary was passed at the Application by the legal representatives of the parties as well as the judge, which not only pointed out that the agreement appeared to be nothing more than a Memorandum of Intent, but also that there were key steps that were required to be taken in terms of that agreement, by the developer that were not taken, for instance the conclusion of a Sale Agreement to give birth to the intent expressed in the agreement.
b. If we decide that we wish to challenge the situation and refuse to move until the developer concedes, this means the developer will serve an eviction notice. In opposing this we could possibly remain where we are for an extra 3 years provided we successfully challenged eviction pending this legal issue being resolved by way of litigation at court. At what cost? ---both financially and in terms of a property outcome. Also consider that our launching rights could be curtailed. Just remember we operate this site at “the pleasure of the Port Captain”
c. At the end of these 3 years what next----will the developer offer us the same site or another?
d. From the City’s viewpoint we will be seen to be holding up a R50 billion development.
e. In terms of buying there is strong argument for owning in that the property is yours once the bond is settled.
f. Regarding the temporary lease option, this can be attractive in the beginning as it is relatively cost effective with a peppercorn rental of R100.00 per month. The proposed starting price for the permanent lease is R108000 per month. With current membership between all the clubs at around 8000 this is an extra R13 per member per month. The proposed escalation is 5% per annum. There is also provision in the 2008 agreement that visitors to the beachfront in the form of tourists should be entitled some form of access to the beach and further revenue can be generated by offering temporary membership to foreign exchange paying tourists which would enable them to use the facilities of the club at the discounted rate, against payment of an upfront temporary membership fee. This is just one of various marketing avenues that can be explored to generate revenue for the club.
g. As a reminder the lease option is for 15 years with an option to renew for another 10 years. Please note that this is common practice with the City, and as an example the Steyn family who own Durban Fun World have been negotiating on a 25 year basis for the last 80 years. Even MSC shipping company who are building the new harbour terminal have the same time frame with their lease.
h. We have also been advised that one of the larger chain hotels have just renewed their lease at an upfront cost of R30m for a 25 year period as their hotel is situated on municipal land.
19. There has been a lot of social media commentary over the set-back line in terms of where our club house will be situated. Quite frankly, the city engineers have approved this site and the EIA in respect thereof has been approved and signed off. In addition, the locality of the set-back line would be as applicable whether we were to enter into lease or purchase of the land, it is what it is. In any event as we are insured now so there is no reason why we will not be able to get similar insurance for the future site location.

Further updates will follow.

Commodore and Committee
Durban Ski Boat Club
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