Launching from DSBC:

Please make sure you have your Skipper’s Ticket and your current COF for your boat with you when you launch. This may be requested before being allowed to launch.

If you are not a member of Durban Ski Boat Club or Durban Undersea Club please note launch fees are R350 for KZN and DTD numbers. If affiliated to another club and the number on your boat reflects this then launch fees are R150 (If your number does not reflect this you will need to produce proof that you are a paid up member of your club). If you require a tractor tow this is an additional R150. This needs to be paid to the staff member on duty in the Launch / Security parkhome near the boom gate closest to the beach if before office hours, alternatively at any till point if the clubhouse is open.

Both boats and Jet Ski’s are required to sign the launch register before heading out to sea. The register can be found on the table at the entrance to DSBC. The register must be completed in full with all details required entered.

The register must be completed in full with all details required entered.

Before launching on weekends and public holidays, a radio check must be done with the control tower duty officer. All craft are required to get permission to launch and beach. Please be vigilant when coming in the beach as there are bathers. You need to use Channel 19 on a 29 Meg Radio or Channel 08 on VHF. You should have a 29 Meg radio as per DSBC regulations, however a VHF radio is acceptable (Remember that someone on the boat needs to have a 29 Meg radio licence).


When there are lots of boats launching DSBC will operate the golf ball system for tractors.

Here is the plan:

  • You get a golf ball and put your boat number on it with an indelible Koki pen.
  • On arrival you put your golf ball in the pipe that is fixed on the opposite wall to the entrance to the club.
  • One of your crew stands by the pipe and when your numbered golf ball pops out you get the next tow. If you are not ready when the ball pops out your golf ball goes back in at the top, and you wait your turn again.
  • This applies to all boats, be they shelter stored craft, or towed to the club, and it includes visitors. Your crew must stand in the line, when busy tractor drivers have been briefed to only go to the golf ball queue to pick up the next tow.
  • Please look out for visitors and assist them.

Launching Regulations:

The Merchant Shipping (National Small Vessel Safety) Regulations 2007,Regulation 12: Voyage Information

(1) Before a vessel goes to sea from a place in the republic, the owner and skipper must ensure that there is left behind, particulars in respect of- (a) the identity of the vessel, including its name if any, official number, and or type or make; (b) names of the occupants; and (c) the intended place or places and expected times of departure and arrival.

(2) Where regulating authorities, authorized agencies or clubs affiliated to a governing body have implemented reporting mechanisms for sheltered waters or at harbours, fishing harbours and approved launch sites, owners and skippers must comply with those mechanisms instead of the requirements under sub-regulation

(3) In terms of the launch site permit issued for the purposes of operating a boat launch site issued in terms of Regulation 11 of the Regulations in terms of section 44 of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998):  Control of Vehicles in the Coastal Zone (Government Notice No. 1399) (“ORV Regulations”), as amended by National Environmental Management Act: Regulations: Amendment (Gazette 27066, Regulation Gazette 8113), 7 December 2004. Permit Condition : 1.1.1 Launch Register: All relevant users must complete the KZN Boat Launch and Catch Register, including commercial fishers, fishing skis and other paddle craft from which fish are caught.



Tractor Drivers:

  • We have three tractor drivers that live on site at DSBC: Blessing, Welcome and Twenty. Some of you know where their rooms are and wake them up at all hours to get them to launch you. Please note that are not paid by DSBC to work during the night. You are welcome to wake them up so that they can assist you but please make sure you renumerate them for their time.
  • These guys work really long hours when the weather is good. Please be patient when they are trying to launch lots of boats in the morning. They go as fast as they can!
  • All three are awesome, humble men who work extremely hard. Please treat them as you would wish to be treated!
  • We thank you for your co-operation in this regard! 🙂

Boat Inspections:

Boat Inspections were held on the weekend of 25 and 26 November 2017. If you couldn’t make it or didn’t want to queue please send an email to and we will send you details of boat inspectors to assist you. However you will need to pay them an additional amount for their time.

For DSBC Members: Please send an email to stating your name and S number and request an invoice for your Boat Inspection. (Please take note that your annual subscriptions have to be settled in full before you can have your boat inspected). Please settle via EFT (make sure to use your customer account code for correct, easy allocation to your account) and print out proof of payment and add this to your paper work. Alternatively if you pay in to the Admin Office please make sure you keep the receipt with your paper work.

For DUC Members: Please send an email to stating your name and DUC Number and request an invoice. We will check with DUC admin that you are a paid up member of DUC before sending you your invoice.

If you do not have the receipt or proof of payment with you when you meet your Boat Inspector you will not be able to have your boat inspected. First step is to pay!! A reminder that if your boat inspection is outside of the DSBC Boat Inspection weekend you will need to pay the Boat Inspector an additional amount of R450 directly to him for his time at the time he inspects your boat. If you do your inspection on the weekend your cost is R450 in total.

Once payment sorted you can focus on getting everything else ready for your Boat Inspection as listed below:

  1. Download SAMSA Version 8 (October 2012) survey checklist for your category and complete — you can download it from the correct category link displayed on the right of the Boat Inspection Section of the Boating Page. This form needs to be correctly completed by you prior to the physical inspection and initial each page as well.
  2. Your boat MUST be equipped with a VHF Marine DSC (Digital Selective Calling) enabled /or/ voice only) radio by the survey in November 2017 and you must also be in possession of a Radio Operators Certificate for SRC (Short Range Certificate) for the DSC enabled VHF radios /or/ a RT (Restricted Radio Telephone) certificate for voice only operated VHF radios. Please see VHF Radio information to the right of this page. The radio equipment MUST be licensed by ICASA as well.
  3. Trailer: make sure your name, boat number, and contact details are clearly visible on your trailer.
  4. Buoyancy: You will need a copy of your latest buoyancy certificate which must be valid for the surveyor.
  5. Please bring photographs of your boat (your name and contact details on your trailer need to be visible). These can be printed in black and white on A4 paper. The boat inspector will not be taking the photographs
  6. Please ensure you have photocopies of your skippers ticket, ID, buoyancy certificate, Radio licenses, proof of payment of ICASA and photographs with you. NO photocopies will be made in the office! This pack needs to be complete otherwise your boat will not be inspected. If you do not have the legal requirements for the VHF your boat will not be surveyed. Please note that all boat inspection filing has already been filed for the move so there is no easy access to your previous documentation.
  7. Make sure you have your receipt or proof of payment with you so you can collect your COF (white and yellow form) from the Boat Inspector on arrival on the day.
  8. Reminder: S Number boats need to be inspected by DSBC Safety Officers only.
  9. Please ensure that all your safety equipment is as per the checklist and flares are still valid for at least the next six months of 2017. Fire Extinguishers must also be serviced and valid (We will have a mobile station on site during the survey to get your Fire Extinguishers serviced)

Paper Work:

Please note: If you do not have one of the items listed below when you meet with your Boat Inspector you will be unable to have your boat inspected.

In summary you will need

a. COF (Collect from Boat Inspector on arrival at the tent)
b. Buoyancy certificate (Valid) No buoyancy certificated will be done at boat inspection weekend.
c. Skippers ticket (If you have an Interim Skippers Certificate of Competence please ensure that’s it is still valid)
d. VHF Radio licenses (For radio and operator)
e. Photographs of your boat (showing trailer details) – can be black and white on A4 paper.
f. SAMSA Version 8 (October 2012) check list completed
g. Proof of payment or Receipt for your Boat Inspection Invoice of R450.

We look forward to making this a quick, pleasurable event.

SAMSA survey checklist:

VHF Radio Information

In summary you will need the following for this year’s inspection:

  1.  VHF Operators certificate , issued by a SAMSA accredited organisation . If you currently hold a VHF operators certificate you will only need to do an upgrade.
  2. If you own a Ski boat the radio will have to be a fixture on the boat . Jet Ski’s can have a hand held device.
  3. The radio must have DSC capability (Red Button) Please speak to your dealer as to the best option and price.
  4. The following are the accredited training schools that we at DSBC have been advised of:
  • SA Maritime School sailing academy
    96/98 Mahatma Ghandi Road , Durban
    031 3320389
  • Maritime School of excellence
    Corner of – Langerberg road and Bayhead Road
    Kingsrest , Durban
    031 3616667

Port Captains Discs (Harbour Permits)

If you plan to use your boat in the harbour you will need a Port Captains Disc (pink disc). The Port Captains Form will be part of your Boat Inspections Forms. Please note this is not required for a jetski as jetskis are not allowed into the harbour. Eventhough your forms are filled in together with your Boat inspection forms the disc’s will only become available in April the following year as the validity period for harbour permits is from April to March. If you haven’t received your pink disc please drop an email to and we will make one up for you which we will leave for you to collect in the member’s pickup tray in the Admin Office.

S Number:

If you join Durban Ski Boat Club with a boat or jetski it is preferable that you convert your number to an S Number (This is not the same as an SR number). If you are a member already and you purchase a boat or jetski then you need to apply for an S Number. It is preferable that all vessels belonging to members of Durban Ski Boat Club have an S Number. This simplifies being questioned when launching or requiring a tractor tow to pay fees. To apply for an S number for your boat you will need to be a paid up Ordinary member of DSBC. Please email and state your full name and that you require an S Number. We will email you an application. You can then fill this in, scan and email back to us. We will then invoice you. Once payment is made (EFT is best option) then please email through proof of payment. We will then send you your S Number. The stickers that you will have made for your boat need to be a minimum height of 110mm to 150mm. However they need to be in proportion to the size of your boat. Preferably black in colour but need to be in a contrasting colour to your boat. If a black boat you can have white numbers. Once your boat has been passed with this new S Number you will need to send us a copy of the certificate, bouyancy certificate, skippers ticket, photograps, ICASA licence or proof of payment thereof for our records. If these are not received your boat may not be allowed to launch. A reminder that the S Number belongs to the member and not the vessel. When a vessel is sold the DSBC member needs to be responsible for peeling off the numbers on the boat and trailer. The COF does not pass over to the new owner. If you have sold your boat and are not buying another one then please let the office know so that we can take the S Number back into the pool for distribution to another member. Please be reminded that if you have an S Number (irrespective if you live upcountry) you are liable to do tower duty.

Skippers Tickets:

If you wish to do a Skippers Course:
Please contact the following directly:

  • Paul Dawson (0824880077)
  • Ronnie Windsor (0828955904)

If you have lost your Skippers Ticket, wish to collect your skippers ticket, or have any queries regards Skippers Tickets:
Please contact Gail at Natal Deep Sea Angling (0312056310) or via email on ; or see link to their website on links page.

Please note:
Natal Deep Sea Angling Association (NDSAA) is no longer located at Durban Ski Boat Club. They are at 15 Gorge Road, Umbilo.