Thanks to NSRI

This weekend, on Sunday morning to be precise, one of our ski boats flipped at Virginia area whilst angling for snoek.

Our safety procedures kicked in immediately and Alan Gouveia of CHM Pinetown (a Platinum Sponsor of our Festival), who was our Duty Officer on the day, got hold of our buddies at NSRI who responded in seconds.

They took their rib boat through the backline, secured the skipper and crew of the ski boat, and then proceeded to tow the boat out through the surf, right it, and then bring it back to Vetch’s. Thankfully skipper and crew were not hurt but were severely shaken up by the experience.

Awaiting their arrival, another member hitched up the trailer, and winched the boat onto the trailer and took it to our wash bay.

Shaun Lavery (of Yamaha) was called and he arrived immediately, and used his knowledge to flush out the water, cleared the carbs, and using fresh fuel again flushed the engines once more. At the same time Shaun phoned Alpha, who is a household name in Yamaha Technical Management at Durban Yamaha.
Alpha was on standby with Greg (also well known to us) at Durban Yamaha at 6.00am this morning. The engines have been serviced and are running smoothly.

Our thanks to our mates from NSRI and to the Durban Yamaha Team, and Shaun of course all of whom made the difference.

This brings me to my next point, and that is our support for the NSRI.

Attached is the detail including entry form for your ticket to win a Pajero Sport and other fantastic prizes. This is the annual NSRI drive to secure funds for what is a voluntary organisation. Not only do they need our support—-they deserve it!

As you well know our entry form to the Festival includes an option to add a little extra for this outstanding group of dedicated volunteers. At the end of our festival we present the NSRI with a cheque————–already thanks to the support of those that have already entered we have raised R9000.

So here is your chance of driving around in some smart Pajero’s.

Please do your best to support them.
This is hot off the press!!! I am reliably told the cuda have now reached Pont Do Oro, and are having a refresher, at Fernando’s Bar —–something to do with R&R. They plan to leave tomorrow and I can confirm they are arriving in Durban at around 8 bells on the 26th April!!!

Remember you must be in it to win it!!

DSBC Festival Convenor, and Team

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