It has been sometime since we have sent out a DSBC newsletter and we apologise for this but the committee and commodore have been very busy in the new venue and ensuring that DSBC needs are dealt with.

As you know a new committee is in place after the last AGM and the committee is working very well together and meet every month to address all issues pertaining to the DSBC and the PWC facility. DSBC is healthy and as we all know will retain its identity within the PWC.
Our Commodore (Bruce Jackson) and Vice Commodore (Max Cardona) are now on the board of directors of the PWC, ensuring that DSBC is equally represented and any DSBC needs are dealt with.
Our new treasurer Robbie Loumeau has been hard at work with the club’s finances and setting the budgets for capital expenditure.

The Durban Ski boat festival:

The festival was a great success once again, a huge thank you to all the sponsors and the festival organisers namely Hilton Kidger, Shaun Lavery, Alan Gouveia and rest of the team.

It was also fantastic to see the DUC members get involved and help, a big thank you to Adrian Ash and Nic Steyn for all the help and getting involved to make the festival a success.

We had 2 great days of angling and the festivities were great fun enjoyed by everyone.
There was some doubt that we wouldn’t be able to handle the competition in the new venue but it worked out very well and better than expected. The PWC team did a great job in ensuring that our catering needs were met and the Bars and food outlets ran very well providing us with superb meals and much needed beverages!!!!

The festival is something that we are very proud of at DSBC and we will ensure that this tradition carries on for many years to come

Place in the Sun page and Website:

The Place in the sun Facebook page was originally started as a means to keep members informed during some particularly trying and negative times. Since the issues involved have been settled the Page has now concentrated on delivering positive and informative news and updates to our members. It is largely driven by Mark Setterberg who has done a fantastic job in managing the page and posting good content and members are encouraged to support him with relevant information that he can adapt and post on the site, a very popular form being club catches so that members remain informed of what is biting where although not too much information is shared about the locality of the catches.

Inter clubs:

The Inter Club competitive angling scene is in full swing with DSBC having been well represented at all the events entered. DSBC has achieved podium finishes at all interclubs fished and achieved first place at Umkomaas as well as at our own Interclub.
This is an impressive achievement considering the quality of anglers that were participating. Well done guys and girls.

The DSBC was a great success with 18 teams participating. We were blessed with good weather but the numbers of fish were not quite what we expected but some quality fish were brought to the scales. A big thank you to our sponsors, skippers and boat owners, who put their boats in. A big thank you also to Brent Egling for single handedly put this event together.
We are punting our junior anglers on this circuit and are still looking for keen youngsters to nominate for upcoming competitions.
The new Club fishing kit is available and teams look the part now when participating.
Congratulations must go out to several of our members who have been selected to represent Natal at the upcoming Interprovincial and National competitions.
The anglers to be congratulated are Dylan and Joel Egling, Jordan Donnely (Jnrs), Jenna Boswarva (Jnr), Brent Egling and Frank Sykes (Masters), Sean Hewitt and Dennis Van Der Westhuizen. Justin Paynter has been selected for the SADSA team at the Gamefish national.
Mark Justham has recently represented Natal at the Bottom fish Nationals in East London.

Congratulations to all of these anglers your efforts and dedication are being rewarded. Tight lines.

Social comps:

On the social comp side of life. We have had 2 very successful social comps this year. The last 1 we had the Spero’s paddle ski as well as the boats/ jet ski guys all join in. It was a great day for all who participated.

Something for the bottoms feeders. There will be a BOTTOMS comp on Sunday 3rd of June 2018. [Weather permitting] Open to all club members and guests. It would be nice to invite a social member from the club to join you on the boat.
It could be a new experience for the person and you never know. Maybe a new angler in the waiting.
Rules will be simple. Bottoms will be the species of the day. However, there will be prizes for the biggest fish. Again, no bill and shark to weigh.
The day will be open to ski boat, Jet ski and paddle ski. Ladies, snr and jnr. There will be a few lucky draws. So please support this event.
On the subject of comps. Congratulations to Eatro Bonnet for winning the jet ski section at the recent King of The Ocean held last weekend down the South Coast. The second time he has won the section. The comp was fished in very un-pleasant conditions. Saturday been a blow out and resulting in the comp becoming a 1-day event. Well done to Go Fish for a good event.

Juniors and ladies day:

Junior day is just around the corner on Sunday 27 May 2018. We have some fantastic lucky draw prizes. A big thank you to the Kingfisher and CMH Pinetown for their kind sponsorship. Registration will take place from 5:00 am and scales close at 12:30. We will have prize giving in the tented area at 13:30.

Ladies day is on the Sunday the 10 June 2018. It is going to be another great comp with lots of exciting prizes. Thank you to Roux Air for an Air con that will be given away as a sealed weight prize.

Court settlement and costs order:

Last year there was a court settlement in respect of all the cases between the various clubs and the arbitration matter. In addition, in the legal matter internally within DSBC, DSBC secured a costs order as against the 11 members who instituted the case against the club. The club and these 11 members have negotiated and reached a settlement with regard to the payment of the legal costs which are now being paid off monthly.
The matter was dealt with in good faith and in such a way that it is great to see that many of the 11 members remain members and several of them are very active within the club, which is the way it should be.

Launching and Wash bay:

The day to day launching has been well handled and we have received minimal complaints.
The sign in register is at the boom gate closest to the beach, Bait and Ice sales are now available from the sign in hut, this is a great service and makes our lives easier.

Our tractor drivers are accommodated on site in a duty room which is located in the far corner of the car park, they are available 24 hours a day for launces. Should you want to launch at night or early in the morning and you are night rated then you need to inform the security guard at the sign in hut and he will radio the relevant driver to assist you.
We have had a few cars broken into on the beach during the week and we ask that you please rather park your vehicle in the car park when launching during the week.
The wash bay has been a fantastic service at the club and it accommodates 3 boats at a time for cleaning. We ask that you keep this area clean and to dispose of your rubbish and any bait in the correct waste bins. We have had a couple of blockages in the past and this was mainly due to plastic waste in the drains.


We have erected new tractor sheds near the entrance of the main parking, this has really helped with keeping our tractors serviceable and out of the weather.

As we all know our tractors are very old and the maintenance on them is getting very expensive. We have come up with tractor replacement plan and we will be investigating purchasing second hand tractors which will be in great condition. These tractors will be equipped with Winches so this will be an added bonus for the members as the tractor will be able to winch your boat onto your trailer. Our tractor drivers provide us with a very essential service and they key to the DSBC operations, they are a great team and work very hard for us members.

To speed up the launching service we are looking at introducing a helper for the tractor drivers that will be on the beach helping the driver with trailers etc.

Tower duty:

You will note that we now have a container placed near the pier facing the beach. This is our new “tower” it is well located with a great view of the launch site. It is equipped with a generator to provide power and we have the relevant radios to control our site and stay in contact with all ski boats.

In closing, the new facility has really worked out well, we have a great venue and it has been a change to what we had. The members have blended well with the DUC members and new friendships have been formed.
We have met with the developer and the permanent site is on track and they have confirmed that we should be in our new club June/July 2019.

See you all at the club soon!

From: the DSBC Committee

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