How to become a member:

Please note ALL memberships applications are closed for Durban Ski Boat Club (both boating and social memberships). If you still wish to submit a membership application you can do so and you will be placed on the waiting list. Ordinary memberships (those with skippers ticket and a boat) will receive preference over social membership applications when we do take on new memberships. Please note that any ordinary membership application must have a copy of your Skippers Ticket and COF of your deep sea fishing boat included.

To apply for membership at DSBC please download the Membership Form PDF, print, full in, attach photographs and scan document and email to together with relevant documentation. Remember you need two people that are currently paid up members of the club to propose and second you- they both need to be ordinary members of DSBC for two years or more. Once a decision has been made that we have space for new members we will make contact with you during the month prior to the application forms being submitted to the committee at the monthly committee meeting (held on the last Wednesday of each month). Once your application has been accepted in principle you will be invited to attend an induction which is generally the following Wednesday evening at 17h30 upstairs in the Carvery Room.

Please note it is compulsory for all new members to attend an induction. Only once you have attended the induction will we invoice you and you can settle via EFT.

Please make sure you have an email address on your application form as we prefer to communicate via email

Our financial year runs from 01 September to 31 August. Subs are due on the 01 September every year, irrespective of the month you joined the club. Please note that if subs are not settled in full by the end of October of that year then a rejoining fee (equivalent to the new member Joining Fee) will be payable together with the full outstanding subs amount. Members who join between February and August will pay pro rata subs for their first year.

Subscriptions for 2018/2019 year as follows:

  • Ordinary (2 loyalty cards):R3257    (Includes R182 NDSAA Levy)
  • Family (2 loyalty cards):    R3075
  • Country (1 loyalty card):   R1025
  • Social (1 loyalty card):      R2500

Once off costs:

  • Joining Fee:    R1350
  • Loyalty card:  R35

Please note:

Loyalty cards are credit card type cards that are used to access the Club through the boom gate. They are also used to get membership prices on Food and Beverage purchases. An Ordinary membership and Family membership is entitled to two loyalty cards (one for main member and one for their spouse). Please note on these memberships children Under 18 are also included in the membership but they do not receive loyalty cards. All other memberships are only entitled to one loyalty card per membership.

Member Application Form: