Dear PWC member

As you all know we are fast settling into our new home, and the positive feed back from one and all has been very gratifying.
Thank you all for your support, and putting up with teething problems that we are fast sorting out.

Our new PWC cards have finally arrived. A number of our members have filled in their forms (so we can make sure all details are loaded correctly on our new system) and have collected their new cards. Although this can be a bit time consuming it has to be done.. To speed up the process please find the “Update your details” form attached. Please fill it in and print it out and bring it down with you. This will save you some time when you arrive! Please note it is not necessary to collect your new card this weekend if the queue is long.. you can pick it up next week during the week as we will still be running on members prices over the weekend and will not need a card to be served.

We have had a fantastic first week and the coming weekend is looking good.. If you haven’t been dowe to check out our new Place in the Sun we look forward to seeing you this weekend.

A reminder of the PWC Rules that we sent out earlier this week:
These are work in progress but at this stage there are some urgent rules that need to be adhered to:
• When walking to the beach you are only allowed to walk along the North Pier road that runs behind the pump station. Please do not walk towards the end of the North Pier of the harbour or inland
• While walking along the North Pier road you are not allowed to be carrying any alcohol. . Port Security have been in contact with us and we have been given strict instructions to obey these rules.
• A committee decision has been made that dogs are not allowed in the clubhouse or the large grassed area, however you will be able to use the area that has been set up for the members who wish to enjoy our facilities with their dogs. This is in the corner next to the sand pumping station. We are in the process of organising new lawn for this area.. please make sure you pick up your puppy poo!!

PWC Opening Hours

Summer – From 30/11/2017
Tuesday to Sunday:
• Kitchen: 7am to 8pm
• Bar: 10am to 10pm

Tractor Service / Launching

In the past we have always had two tractors providing this, and given the short distance to the beach, our turn around time was quick enough.
However, the distance from club to launch site is now another ball game, and we don’t want you guys grumpy, especially when the dollies are going wild, and you still have a bit of last night buzzing within you?
With technology available to us we can quite easily anticipate good weather and fair seas, and we also know that the manne and their ships will be there to launch! We will arrange 3 tractors for busy days.


With the Old Club being so close to the beach we were all able to keep an eye on vehicles and boats so there was a lot of peace of mind.
With our new set-up we have tasked Ruben with security on the beach and this security will not only apply to boats and vehicles but also for our Mums and Kids—fondly known as our Brolly Brigade.
Ruben has fulfilled this role when he worked at DUC so knows the drill.
We understand that the beach will be “cordoned off” to the public in general before and during construction of the promenade, and this should add to a secure beach. Please note this will not interfere with our access.

Please find attached a flyer for the fantastic sale currently on at Kingfisher..

We hope to see everyone here soon!!

PWC Team

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