Many thanks to all that took part in the CMH Social comp last Sunday… and especially thank you to our sponsors CMH Nissan Pinetown. Your constant support is much appreciated!!


It’s week number 2 of last week’s popular selections:
• Full rack, with Chips – R120
• Bib basket with chips – R75
• Sweet Chilli Chicken Tramezzini – R68
• The line fish is Yellowtail – Grilled and serve with garlic butter – R85
All specials include either a Sol or Strongbow.

Predict A Score

Congratulations to our club legend Bundu Bester who won the R15,260 pot on Saturday with the crazy prediction of a draw between the Boks and Aussies! There was much excitement and tension between those who wanted to see the Boks win and those who wanted to see Bundu take home the green, but ultimately Bundu’s luck held out! Well done Bunds.. couldn’t have gone to a better person!! 
We are not going to kick off a new competition at this time as we are probably moving fairly soon so we don’t want to start anything we may not finish.

Parking and Security

As most will know a couple of weeks ago the developers required us to open up our booms that we have had on the public road that loops from Browns to Signal Road. Because of this we and DUC have instituted our own separate security at the entrance to our respective sites. After a car was stolen from the PYC site two weeks ago they have also brought in security for the weekends. However one of our member’s vehicles was stolen on Sunday and removed via the PYC entrance as their security wasn’t controlling access and egress.

Part of the problem is we can’t separate the two car parks (PYC and DSBC) due to the boat sheds. We have contacted PYC management to make mutual arrangements for increased security. As PYC is only open on Saturdays and Sundays they have agreed to lock the chain at their entrance during the week. This should be happening this afternoon. We are also arranging for an extra car guard for Sundays for when the car park is full that will remain stationed on the beach side of the New Club sheds. We request that on week days and Saturdays members park as close as they can to the clubhouse so that security has line of sight as much as possible. PYC will also be ensuring that the guard on their side over the weekends will be more vigilant regards asking for loyalty cards to check that people entering are in fact members.


On Sunday Eddie will be playing between 12 and 3pm. Come down and listen to great music .. The weather not looking too balmy but Eddie is awesome playing upstairs also.

Lucky Draw – win 50% of your spend back!!

This was done for the first time this week and Conrad Schultz was the lucky winner…
How it works…. You will buy meals and drinks…. At the end of the day when you settle your tab you will put the till slip in the jar provided at the area where you paid your tab (upstairs bar, downstairs bar or canteen). These slips will accumulate over the week.. On Monday morning a draw will take place and that member whose slip is pulled out will win 50% of their spend back. This amount will be credited back onto your blue loyalty card to use the next time you come down!! Don’t forget to get your till slip in… A reminder that the your name is on the till slip so all you have to do is pop it in the jar. For those that have credit on your blue cards already and you sign your tab… the same rule applies.. put your signed slip in the jar!! Remember you have to be in it to win it!!!

We hope to see you at your club soon!


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