Dear PWC member

To those members that managed to come down on opening night and over the past few days we thank you for your support!! We have had VERY positive feedback from members and we are glad that you have stayed with us on our “journey”.

We thank you for your understanding during this transition period, especially considering that the staff are still learning our new computer system, so at times it may be a bit frustrating to wait or service is a bit slower but things are improving every day. A reminder that we don’t have Telkom lines as yet so please send us an email if you wish to make contact with the club. If you are on Facebook please keep an eye on the DUC/DSBC Facebook pages or updates.

Due to the fact that a number of staff have been working seven days a week for the past two weeks, we are beginning to adjust shifts to be able to give staff some desperately required days off. Due to this the club will be closed tomorrow evening (Tuesday 18 November), however it will open during the day tomorrow from 7am to 4pm. On Wednesday 29 November it is the DSBC AGM so the club will be open from 7am to 4pm and then will close except for those DSBC members that will be attending the AGM at 18h00.

PWC Rules

These are work in progress but at this stage there are some urgent rules that need to be adhered to:
• When walking to the beach you are only allowed to walk along the North Pier road that runs behind the pump station. Please do not walk towards the end of the North Pier of the harbour or inland
• While walking along the North Pier road you are not allowed to be carrying any alcohol. . Port Security have been in contact with us and we have been given strict instructions to obey these rules.
• A committee decision has been made that dogs are not allowed in the clubhouse or the large grassed area, however you will be able to use the area that has been set up for the members who wish to enjoy our facilities with their dogs. This is in the corner next to the sand pumping station. We are in the process of organising new lawn for this area.. please make sure you pick up your puppy poo!!

PWC Opening Hours

Summer – From 30/11/2017
Tuesday to Sunday:
• Kitchen: 7am to 8pm
• Bar: 10am to 10pm

Please note regarding the above hours… the kitchen and bar will be open on Tuesday 28/11/2017 and Wednesday 29/11/2017 from 8am to 4pm due to operational requirements.
However the club will be open for the DSBC AGM at 6pm on Wednesday, to those DSBC members attending.

From Thursday we will be full steam ahead!


As per previous communications, all launching is to be done from our new site. The launch register is in the Launch/Security Control Hut which is positioned at the entrance closest to the sand pumping station. If you wish to self launch you can head straight to that entrance but you will only be allowed access if you have a boat attached to your vehicle. If you require a tractor you will enter through the normal parking boom gate which is on the opposite side of the property. This weekend we didn’t use the road behind the club as it was being paved, however today it has been used for the first time! From now on you will drop your boat and trailer in the car park and a tractor will collect you from there, tow you behind the service areas of the club and join up with the self launch road.

Boat Inspections

These went off really well.. Thank you to those that took advantage of having their boat inspections done on this weekend. Boat inspectors give their time free of charge to make this happen. If you have not had your boat inspected you will have to pay an additional fee to your boat inspector for his time.

Surf Ski storage racks

Although some members have had racks allocated to them, we are still waiting on sorting out some more racks, so rack allocations are on hold for the time being. We will keep you posted.


Another reminder for the DSBC AGM on Wednesday 29 November 2017 at 18h00. Formal notification was emailed out to all members last week. Details also available on our website and Facebook.

We hope to see everyone here soon!!

PWC Team

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