Finally the day arrives tomorrow (Thursday 23/11/2017) when all our members (DUC and DSBC) will be welcomed to our awesome new spot… As staff we are extremely excited about our new adventure… and we hope that our members will enjoy the “change of scenery”! We hope to see lots of happy faces tomorrow at 12pm!!

A reminder that we have changed over to a new integrated computer system which will control all aspects of our club. This means that your blue cards won’t work and we will be introducing new cards. We can also expect teething problems, so we ask for your patience over this initial period when things are perhaps not going exactly to plan!


On Sunday we will have two sets of entertainment, Jan will play earlier and Paulo will take over for the later part of the afternoon, playing until sunset!!


From Saturday all launching will be done from the new site. No more launching from the old club after Friday please. The launch register will be in our “Pizza Hut” which is now our “Launch / Security Control hut” which is positioned at the entrance closest to the sand pumping station. If you wish to self launch you can head straight to that entrance but you will only be allowed access if you have a boat attached to your vehicle. If you require a tractor you will enter through the normal parking boom gate which is on the opposite side of the property. There will be a drop off section in the car park like we used to have at our old site. Please be patient as we work out the finer details. At this stage the tractors are still at the old site but will be stationed at the new site from Saturday.

Boat Inspections

These take place this weekend between 08h30 and 15h00. For all details please see our website: www.dsbc.co.za – Boating Page – Boat Inspections.


Don’t forget the DSBC AGM on the Wednesday 29 November 2017 at 18h00. Formal notification was emailed out to all members last week. Details also available on our website and Facebook.

Thank you to our members that helped us move, special mention must be made of: Kingfisher (R10000 donation), CMH Nissan Pinetown (boxes galore!!), Jody Visser (crane and truck), Norman Lavery (truck and labour), Paul Crookes (hired a trailer to help at his own cost and towed back and forth), Paul Dawson (Dawson’s Skipper Training – towed his trailer back and forth), Alan Rowe (Dynachem- truck and driver) and Marti Lodetti (M Projects – Crane and truck). Thank you for your patience while our clubs (DSBC and DUC) have made our move to the temp premises…

We hope to see everyone here soon!!

PWC Team

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