Hi All,

So much has happened in the last few months, weeks and, days, and this bullet form communication aims to bring you up to speed on a number of critical matters.

  1. The PWC will only be open next week Thursday 23/11/2017 – you have already been sent a mail with more detail. Even when we start trading next Thursday there will still be a lot of things to finish but these should not interfere with your enjoyment.
  2. The reformed PWC – this now excludes the PYC directors that have resigned, now consists of two directors from DUC – namely Cuane and Geoff and two from DSBC -namely Hilton and Shaun.
  3. We held our first PWC board meeting, without the PYC last night, and an important discussion point was the importance of each club, DSBC and DUC maintaining their own identities at the same time, jointly carrying out their responsibilities within the PWC.
  4. Both clubs will retain their own constitutions, committees, and bank accounts.
  5. The rules that apply to all PWC members were discussed, and once fine-tuned will be sent to all members. This in a sense varies little to what is already in place.
  6. Thanks, are sent to all members who have helped with physically moving all the assets across.
  7. All assets that are transferred for use in the PWC will be recorded as a loan in the books of the PWC, and as such will remain an asset of the donating club.
  8. All assets will be for the use of all members. An example of this will be the tractors. All members will have access to this service without any charge.
  9. We are the custodians of safety at Vetch’s, and to fulfil this important role we will place a cabin from M Projects at the entrance, with a deck above that will house another cabin that will be the safety room/tower with a view of the entire beach, and radio control.
  10. Regarding filling in the launch register there will be two points for this; (a) at the boom gate where the safety hut will be set up, for those launching themselves, (b) in the car park for those waiting for a tractor tow.
  11. The DSBC Festival will again be held over the 27/28/29 April 2018, and marketing of this well-established event will start in January 2018.
  12. All staff will from the 1st December 2017 be amalgamated into the PWC
  13. Likewise, all trading will be combined from 1/12/2017.
  14. Finally, please give us space at The Shed whilst we get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. We want you to be bowled over on your arrival next Thursday.

In closing thank you all for the wonderful support from the DSBC and DUC members. Your committees look forward to making your time an enjoyable one that exceeds your expectations.

Warm regards,
PWC Committee

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