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This weekend sees us hosting the DSBC Interclub. There are 19 teams (three anglers and one skipper per boat) taking part. Registration takes place this evening from 17h00 with the briefing starting at 18h30. This will take place under the big tent. Scales close on Saturday at 16h00 and on Sunday at 14h00. Prizegiving will take place under the big tent on Sunday afternoon. We look forward to hosting teams from clubs around KZN.

After this weekend, the focus for club over the next 10 days or so is on the DSBC Festival which is happening over the 27th to the 29th of April but will have an effect on the club for the whole long weekend up to and including 1st May.

Programme of events

Please check out the attachment for the programme over the weekend.
If have a fishing ski you are invited to participate in the festival as well.
There will also be a surf ski dice into the harbour past the club and back out again.

Members should please note the following:

There will be a special Festival menu only on offer from 12pm on Friday 27th April until end of trading on Monday 30th April. The usual club menu will not be available over this period.

There will be a ticket system in operation to buy from the various food and bar points. Tickets are valued at R5 and can be bought in lots of R50. All food and drink items will be in multiples of R5.

Due to sponsor commitments, you may not find your favourite tipple available.

You are encouraged to support your club and bring as many guests as possible. Membership cards will only be required to park in the club grounds (if you are lucky to get one). Cards will not be needed for food and drink purchases as prices will be the same for members and guests alike.

Parking will be at a premium as the priority will be to accommodate boats, trailers and tow vehicles. The club has arranged temporary secure parking facilities outside the club grounds and the Underwater Hockey members will be providing the manpower to manage and secure these areas.

There will be a R20 parking fee per vehicle using these temporary parking areas and the funds collected will go towards covering the costs of securing the parking and any surplus will be donated to the Underwater Hockey section to help fund their upcoming participation in the World Champs to be held in Canada later this year.


A reminder that the kitchen now opens at 8am

Friday 20th : Family Friday with lunch time pie special, Eisbien for dinner, happy hour between 4pm and 6pm and live music with Lance.

See you at your club!

The PWC Team

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