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Many members have been asking when membership fees for the 2018/19 membership year are due as this is traditionally the time of the year when you get your “letter of demand”!

With Durban Undersea Club (DUC) and Durban Ski Boat Club (DSBC) sharing premises and facilities within the Point water Sports Club (PWC), things like membership year end dates and the actual amount of the membership fees to be paid have had to be bought into alignment and adjusted with the consent of both clubs. This has taken a bit of time to achieve and to date only the Subscription Renewal Letters for the DUC members have been sent out as the DUC membership year end has been reached.

Please note that the two clubs (DUC &DSBC) are still essentially separate, independent entities until the membership of both clubs decide otherwise and as such the membership subscriptions of the respective clubs are still handled independently by both clubs.

So, listen carefully now!

If you know for sure that you are a DUC member and you have not yet received your Subscription Renewal Notification letter for your 2018/19 club membership fees, please send an email to requesting that the renewal letter be sent to you. The letters to DUC members were bulk emailed in late June, so check your spam inbox first.

If you know for sure that you are a DSBC member, your Subscription Renewal Notification letters have not yet been sent to you. You should receive them by the end of July and you do not have to do anything at this point!

If you are not sure which club you actually belong to, then feel free to send an email to and we will confirm your club for you.


The club will be opening earlier and serving a very limited breakfast menu from 9am to 11am this coming week.
Holiday opening times for kitchen:
Tuesday to Thursday 9am to 8pm (last orders 7.45pm)
Friday to Sunday 8am to 7.45pm (Sunday close 5.45pm)

If you are feeling the chill, remember Tuesday night is Curry Night at the club.

If you have any odd maintenance jobs, please consider the club handyman, Brian, to do them for you. Brian is a bit deaf, so sms rather than phone him on0726985421. No Whatsapps either- he is still on a learner’s licence for a smart phone.

See you at the Club
The PWC Team

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